Everybody has been asking.

A few have even had sightings.

So, let us tell you about Dr. Chad’s buddy, Burr.

Burr is a northern alpine yeti-of-legend. He likes to snowboard, drink hot chocolate, play hide and seek, and loves huckleberries. Some of his very best friends are mountain goat kids that play with him high in the peaks of northern Montana.

Despite what one would think of a yeti, Burr is a bit timid of new things. Especially the people of the valley, because he’s heard a lot of scary stories. But as he has been growing bigger Burr is starting to realize they aren’t so scary after all. In fact, he’s become particularly fond of the staff at Glacier Grins. He’s learned they are all smiles! Burr loves a big toothy grin!

If you’d like to spot Burr and become his buddy too, come in and visit us at Glacier Grins Pediatric Dentistry. It isn’t just a great place for young alpine yetis-of-legend, it’s a perfect place for your kid’s smile to grow big.