Glacier Grins Pediatric Dentistry

Where a kid’s smile grows big

Meet Burr, Our Playful Yeti

Everybody has been asking. A few have even had sightings.

So, let us tell you about Glacier Grin’s buddy, Burr.

Burr is a northern alpine yeti-of-legend. He likes to snowboard, drink hot chocolate, play hide and seek, and loves huckleberries. Some of his very best friends are mountain goat kids that play with him high in the peaks of northern Montana.

Despite what one would think of a yeti, Burr is a bit timid of new things. Especially the people of the valley, because he’s heard a lot of scary stories. But as he has been growing bigger Burr is starting to realize they aren’t so scary after all. In fact, he’s become particularly fond of the staff at Glacier Grins. He’s learned they are all smiles! Burr loves a big toothy grin!

If you’d like to spot Burr and become his buddy too, come in and visit us at Glacier Grins Pediatric Dentistry. It isn’t just a great place for young alpine yetis-of-legend, it’s a perfect place for your kid’s smile to grow big.

What our brand signifies

We put a lot of thought into our branding. That’s because we believe the heart of a business matters. It is important that we, our staff, our patients and their families know who we are and what we stand for. First and foremost, we are like you. We are your neighbors. We are parents. We care about the community we live in, especially the kids. That’s why when we built this brand, we went to the source, our kids.

Many are surprised to hear our children helped us pick our logo. (Did you know it was a goat at first? Or that the idea of a yeti came from the yeti lore of Whitefish?) Our kids even helped us choose the name. (Cassie came up with Glacier Grins!) We used masking tape to lay out our building design in the cul-de-sac of our home! The neighbor kids pulled out chairs, and we walked through the masking tape with kids and moms helping us decide. The logo you see was designed by one of those very moms, Natalie Christensen! We pooled our experiences, Dr. Chad’s education, and our love for Montana into the dream of an office that put kids and families first. We think that makes all the difference.

Our tagline is twofold. First, it means we believe that as we build a relationship with you from the time the first tooth appears, your child’s teeth will grow into the healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. It also means that we hope when your child walks in our office, they feel welcome, valued, and cherished; a place where their smile naturally widens in an expression of joy.

You’ll also notice our brand is built around our local community. We use local talent to expand on our design, and local families to voice our commercials. We are often asked about those amazing artists! Here are a few!

Monica Kopman, Artist

Local artist, Monica Kopman, is the talent behind our cartoon version of Burr. Learn more about Monica here.

Those Guys, voice of our Holiday jingle

Local Acapella Group, Those Guys!

Travis Cattron, Laser Wood Cutting