Here at Glacier Grins Pediatric Dentistry, we know how crucial a child’s first dental visit can be. Setting up the right atmosphere is part of our goal, so that the moment your child enters the office they feel at home. We start this process by having a flexible schedule that allows you to bring your child when it is most convenient for them. Some children do well in the morning, some in the afternoon, most when they aren’t feeling rushed. Our staff will work with you to choose a time that best suits your needs.

Once your child enters Glacier Grins they will be greeted by our friendly staff who are specially trained in working with kids. They will experience a friendly, clean, soothing, and sensory-positive atmosphere. We offer space for children who need a quiet, reflective cove, spaces conducive to active play, and electronic interaction. We incorporate touch, sound, sight, and smell into our space to give your child not just a healthy smile, but a healthy atmosphere.

While here, your child can meet Burr, our shy but cuddly Yeti. He understands kids and that sometimes things that feel big and scary aren’t so bad after all. He’s here to help kids be big and brave and overcome their dental anxiety.

Once your child is called back, you will find our back office as kid friendly as the waiting room. We keep our dental chairs free from extra cords and do our best to keep equipment out of sight. We provide TVs over each dental chair and a play area for siblings and for when the dentist and parents need to chat, but your child might be done sitting.

Our staff have chosen to make kids their profession, and they are highly trained in making the atmosphere the best they can. Although we can’t promise every child will be fear-free, we will do our best to accommodate their needs. Maybe they do well with a weighted blanket, or holding a stretchy toy. Maybe they need the dentist to explain each step, or just have the reassuring smile. You can be sure our staff will chat with you and your child to determine the best course of treatment, and being ready for those needs at each subsequent visit.

Our hope at Glacier Grins is to keep your kids teeth healthy through proactive treatment and prevention versus chasing the decay. We can do that by making Glacier Grins a place they want to return. We will schedule checkups every 6 months, and if we see a point of concern, address possible solutions right away.

What happens if your child is fearful and can’t sit for the exam?

At Glacier Grins we know that dental fear is real. Sometimes it takes time to feel safe in a space. That’s why we have a special program for those kids that are struggling to feel comfortable in the chair. With the parent’s help, we have a program that will bring your child back over a course of visits that can build confidence and hopefully get them on board for a long term healthy relationship with their dentist. We also offer general and oral conscious sedation to alleviate trauma in larger treatment scenarios.